Vision RD4SD

VISION RD4SD (VISION Research and Development for Sustainable Development) is a Coordination and support action (2011-2013) financially supported by the European Commission 7th Framework Program, coordinated by the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas).

VISION RD4SD aims to ensure that Europe is able to contribute to a sustainable development of the world, by formulating policies and decisions based on robust, up-to-date knowledge. This will be done by developing a shared vision between science funding bodies and national science policy institutions in the European Member States on how best to harness research and development for sustainable development (RD4SD).

VISION RD4SD is a network of more than 40 partners and observers from 20 European countries (October 2012). It focuses on a dialogue among European science policy-makers, funders and administrators who demand and need solutions from VISION RD4SD.

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